March 7, 2018


National Movement of Moms Heads to D.C. March 8th Giving Voice to Silent Majority of Moms in America

Great Falls, VA -- On March 8, 2018 Enough Is Enough® President Donna Rice Hughes will join moms across America in a national press conference to present the Declaration of Mothers to Congress and the nation declaring the self-evident truths that will dramatically decrease violence, increase prosperity, promote civility, and heal our nation from the inside out. The Press Conference will be held 1:00 PM Eastern at the Phyllis Schlafly Center in Washington D.C..

“Our nation is at a crossroads. Now is the time we must unite against these scourges that are corroding childhood, destroying families and coarsening our culture," said Hughes. “In the era of the 'Me Too' movement, I imagine a day when our children could collectively say 'Not Me,’ and they are free again to roam in a society void of sexual predators and pornographers because we did our part to protect them.”

HomeMakers for America released the Declaration of Mothers in May 2017 launching a national movement of moms to reclaim our culture for truth, family, and freedom. Since then, thousands of women in over 4,000 cities and every state in America have signed the Declaration.

Governors from several states have or are in the process of issuing proclamations recognizing the Declaration of Mothers and proclaiming March 8th as International Mother’s Influence Day. On February 2nd, Congresswoman Diane Black (Rep, TN) introduced the Declaration of Mothers into the Congressional record. The national press conference—which will live streamed on Facebook—presents the Declaration of Mothers to the nation and the world. The Live Stream will allow moms throughout America to have their voices heard and be a part of the event right from their own homes.

The press conference will also proclaim March 8th as International Mother’s Influence Day and launch “A Day With a Mother”—a much different message than radical feminists are promoting with their “Day Without a Woman.”

Ms. Hughes will be among the lineup of scheduled speakers, which also include Kimberly Fletcher, President of HomeMakers for America and the Moms March Movement, and Martha Boneta, member of the advisory board for the Moms March Movement and President of Freedom Network America

Ms. Hughes also spoke during a gathering of the Mom’s March for America in Omaha, Nebraska in September 2017 as women joined together for the sake of our nation, families and liberties, igniting a movement of women coming together to unite to defend dignity and freedom. She also joined key figures that took part in the march, including Candy Carson, wife of Dr. Ben Carson, for the ringing of the 3,200 pound exact replica of the Liberty Bell to mark the grand opening of the Museum of the Bible in November, launching a nation-wide ringing of bells to “Let Freedom Ring.”

As a stepmother and grandmother of three young children, Ms. Hughes said, “The power of mothers and grandmothers, uniting behind our shared commitment to children, family, freedom, and country, and standing against forces which threaten these God-given blessings, is a force which can move mountains, change cultures, and resurrect hope."