Rules 'N Tools Booklet

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The 30-page Rules 'N Tools Booklet covers the essential technical and non-technical safety basics you need to know to protect children from online dangers, including Rules 'N Tools Safety Guidelines, Checklist, Parent's Pledge, Parent Buddy Check, Youth Pledge, and Age-Based Guidelines, a Glossary of Terms and acronyms to know included in Appendix A of the workbook. Enough Is Enough® recommends using the Rules 'N Tools Booklet in conjunction with the Internet Safety 101® DVD Program.


Internet Safety Rules ' N Tools Checklist

Preventing the Internet-enabled exploitation of children can seem like an overwhelming task as kids are at risk of encountering inappropriate content, dangerous people and engaging in risky behavior across multiple Internet platforms. The Rules 'N Tools® checklist gives you basic measures to help you to become an empowered protector of the children entrusted under your care. And they are free!

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