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Enough Is Enough® (EIE) would like to thank our National Sponsors for supporting our strategic programs in furthering¬†our mission to make the Internet safer for children and families. Our efforts would not be possible without their significant support!

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Our Coalition Partners

J. Lee Douglas, DDS, Founder 912 Project Tennessee
Polly Scott, Director of Public Relations Addo Recovery

Jim Minnery
Alaska Family Action

Alan Sears
Alliance Defending Freedom

Bill Johnson, President
American Decency Association, Freemont MI

Tim Wildmon
American Family Association (AFA)

Diane Gramley, President
American Family Association of Pennsylvania

Gene McConnell, Founder & President Authentic Relationships International (ARI)

Austin Ruse, President
Center for Family & Human Rights

Ann Redding, President
Christian Action League of Minnesota

Dr. Jay Dennis, Senior Pastor
Church on the Mall, Lakeland Fl
Founder of Join 1 Million Men/Pink Elephant Resources

Mary Smith, Communications Coordinator Church Women United in New York State

Josh Craddock, Campaigns Manager CitizenGo

Brad Miller, Director, Family Policy Councils
CitizenLink – A Public Policy Partner of Focus On The Family

Phil Burress, President
Citizens for Community Values (CCV)

Patrick Mangan, Executive Director Citizens for Community Values of Indiana

Michael Barta, Ph.D., CSAT-S, EMDR II, Founding Director Colorado Sexual Recover Center

Committee for Children

Joe and Kim Morin, Owner Compliance Network

Penny Nance, President and CEO Concerned Women for America

Robert K. Fischer, Meeting Coordinator Conservatives of Faith

Richard A. Viguerie, Chairman Conservative HQ

Diana Davis Spencer Foundation (DDSF)

Nicole Theis, President Delaware Strong Families

Carol Smolenski, Executive Director ECPTAUSA

John Carr, Executive Board Member
European NGO Alliance for Child Safety Online
Secretary, UK Children’s Charities’ Coalition on Internet Safety

Dale A. Bartscher, Executive Director, Family Heritage Alliance/FHA Action

Lt. Gen. (Ret.) “Jerry” Boykin Family Research Council (FRC)

Tiffany Leeper, M.A., CFE, Founder & President Girls Against Porn & Human Trafficking

Laura J. Lederer, President & Founder Global Centurion

Kris Wolfe, Founder & CEO Good Guy Swag

Mike Smith, President
Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA)

Mark Tooley, President
Institute on Religion and Democracy

Kristen A. Jenson, M.A. - Author

Josh D. McDowell, Author/Speaker Josh McDowell Ministry

Sally Berenzweig, Med. MA, Executive Director-Co Founder KidsSafe Foundation

Mat Staver, Founder & Chairman Liberty Counsel

Judith Reisman, Ph.D., Research Professor, Director Liberty Center for Child Liberty School of Law

Robert Kammer, President
MCAP- Maryland Coalition Against Pornography

Os Hillman, President Marketplace Leaders

Jetta Bernier, Executive Director Massachusetts Citizen for Children

Sean McDowell, Ph.D., Author/Speaker

Lee A. Baeman, concerned citizen Member of CNP

Joe Ortwerth, Executive Director Missouri Family Policy Council

Steve Siler, Director Music for the Soul

Leslee Unruh, Founder
National Abstinence Clearinghouse

National Children’s Advocacy Center

Patrick A. Trueman, President & CEO National Center on Sexual Exploitation

Ruth Crout, President & CEO National Events LLC

Brian S. Brown, President
National Organization for Marriage

National Salvation Army

Monica Cole, Director

Tim Winter, President Parents Television Council

Sarah & Jesse Siegand, Founder Parents Who Fight

Tony Nassif, President and Founder Preventing Abuse Foundation

Michael P. Graves, Senior Fellow- National Director Partnering in Prevention Redwoods Group Foundation

Mike Davies, Consultant
RDI UK Holdings Ltd. (Friendly WiFi)

William J. Murray, Chairman Religious Freedom Coalition

Erick Daniels, Executive Vice President Ronald Blue & Co.

Dan Kleinman, Library Watchdog Safe Libraries

Cordelia Anderson, M.A., Founder Sensibilities Prevention Services

Nancy Schulze, Speaker

Margaret Bawden, Leader/Director Soul to Soul Choreography

Richard Land, President
Southern Evangelical Seminary, Charlotte, NC

Cheryl Corser, President & CEO Telelink Communications

Daniel Weiss, President The Brushfires Foundation

David Fowler, President
The Family Action Council of Tennessee, Inc.

Victoria Cobb, President
The Family Foundation of Virginia

Tiffany Brooks, CEO & Founder
The Wind Beneath the Wings of Legends

C.Preston Noell, III, President Tradition, Family, Property Inc.

Vauna Davis, Executive Director
UCAP, Utah Coalition Against Pornography

Donna M. Hughes, Professor & Eleanor M. Oscar M. Carlson Endowed Chair University of Rhode Island

Rick Scarsborough, President Vision America

Jill C. Manning, Ph. D.
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Dave Brian, Director & Pastor-at-large
Washington Area Coalition of Men’s Ministries (WACMM)

Rebecca Atkinson, mother
Inman, South Carolina