April 19, 2016

Today Marks A Historic Landmark Change to End the Way America Thinks About Pornography

Enough Is Enough® Applauds Resolution Signed by Utah Governor Declaring Internet Pornography a Public Health Crisis.

GREAT FALLS, Va. - "Enough Is Enough® (EIE) applauds the historic landmark resolution by the state of Utah declaring pornography a public health issue. The resolution is being signed today by Utah Gov. Gary Herbert after overwhelmingly passing the Utah Senate and House. The resolution, sponsored by Sen. Todd Weiler, (SCR9), is the first time a state has said pornography is a "public health crisis," language often used for anti-smoking and anti-drunk driving campaigns.

"This resolution is part of a concerted effort to begin framing the issue as not merely a "moral" issue, but a social issue with enormous costs that negatively impacts individuals and societies. For over two decades, the Internet pornography industry has been able to succeed on the myth that pornography is just harmless fun.

"Noble and worthwhile causes such as these indeed often take a lifetime, as well as a strong network of devoted individuals and groups. Two years ago, under the leadership of Ernie Allen, founder of NCMEC and ICMEC, a small group of leaders, including myself, met together to brainstorm the best way to elevate Internet pornography to a public health crisis.

"However, recent peer-reviewed research and medical science is undeniable in proving that extreme Internet pornography fuels the sexual exploitation and abuse of children, violence against women, addiction in youth and adults, the breakdown of marriage, sex trafficking, and a myriad of other harms.

"Prior to this important meeting, Enough Is Enough®® (EIE) has been at the forefront in the battle to prevent the sexual exploitation of children from Internet pornography and sexual predators.  

"EIE launched "Project Wilberforce" to remind us that, such daunting social change as ending the Internet-enabled sexual exploitation of children and restoring a culture of dignity and respect is indeed possible.  Like William Wilberforce, we have the ability to create a better world, a "beloved" community in which all people are treated with dignity and respect. The two main life goals of Wilberforce were to abolish slavery and to restore manners and decency in England. It took Wilberforce and his band of friends a lifetime to bring about such grand and revolutionary social change.

"Making the Internet safer for children and families has been a twenty-three year marathon, not a sprint.
"EIE urges other states to adopt the Utah resolution and become a leader in the movement to make the Internet safer for children and families and change the way America thinks about pornography. We stand ready to work side by side with you on this critical issue.

"Like Wilberforce said, 'You may choose to look the other way, but you can never again say that you did not know.'"
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