September 14, 2007

Internet Safety 101SM: Steps Forward

Internet Safety 101SM: Steps Forward

Enough Is Enough® (EIE) has continued to tirelessly pursue its mission to "Make the Internet Safer for Children and Families," with the first part of 2007 devoted primarily to ramp-up activities for our Internet Safety 101SM: Empowering Parents program. Below are some of the key events and accomplishments that have taken place in the first half of 2007.

Internet Safety 101SM Multi-Media Teaching Series:

  • EIE began production of its Internet Safety 101SM multi-media teaching series that will equip and empower parents, guardians and educators to protect their children and families from Internet dangers.
  • EIE plans to publicly announce the Internet Safety 101SM program at the Virginia Parent Teacher Association (PTA) conference scheduled for the fall of 2007.
  • EIE Partnerships

EIE continues to build partnerships with the private and public sector.

  • Program sponsors and content-sharing partners include: MySpace, AT&T, America Online, Verizon, Anschutz Foundation, Fieldstead & Company, and the Department of Justice.
  • Program partners: EIE has both formal and informal arrangements with the following program partners: American Association of Christian Counselors, Get Net Wise, iKeepSafe, McLean Bible Church, Microsoft, Salvation Army, Web Wise Kids, Virginia PTA, Department of Justice/Office of Juvenile Justice Dept, VA Attorney General, FBI Innocent Images program, the Fellowship Foundation, Wesleyan Church, McLean Bible Church, Florida Virtual Schools, the Ad Council, Internet Safety Coalition, WAVA Radio, WMAL Radio, and Clear Channel

Legislative Update

EIE continues to promote legal solutions to protect children and families from Internet dangers through work with government leaders at the state and national level. EIE has worked with the following:

  • U.S. Senate and U.S. House of Representatives. EIE has worked with Congress to support the KIDS Act of 2007. EIE also provided advice to House and Senate staff relating to the Cyber Safety for Kids Act, the Protect Kids Bill, and stressed the importance of increased funding for ICAC (Internet Crimes Against Children) and other enforcement efforts that target online pornography.
  • Virginia Attorney General's Youth Internet Safety Task Force. In support of the Attorney General parental education initiatives, EIE addressed pressing Internet safety issues and offered comments and suggestions on the effectiveness and usefulness of proposed legislation.
  • Media and Public Relations

In response to local and national media requests and inquiries, EIE president Donna Rice Hughes and other EIE spokespersons regularly provide interviews and commentary on various issues and events related to the topic of Internet safety and the dangers that unprotected youth encounter online.

The following is a list of interviews and commentary provided during the first half of 2007:

1. CBS Evening News
2. Associated Press
3. New York Times
4. ABC News Radio
5. Wall Street Journal
6. Business Week
7. National Press Club - My Space press event
8. CNBC - On The Money
9. Arts & Entertainment Television
10. Ladies Home Journal
11. Washington Internet Daily
12. WMAL Radio
13. Christian Broadcasting Network
14. Reuters News Service
15. Glamour Magazine
16. O Magazine
17. CBN Newswatch
18. Family News & Focus
19. Internet
20. Internet Daily

Public Awareness and Education

EIE continues to provide Internet safety presentations, seminars, and resources to interested groups and organizations throughout America:

  • Produced 15 PSA spots that feature an EIE "Rules 'N Tools(SM) Tip of the Day."
  • Presented Internet safety seminar to the Young President's Organization on Long Island, NY
  • The President's National Prayer Breakfast leadership meeting
  • Heart-to-Heart Event--EIE planned and hosted its first fundraising dinner event in Northern Virginia to announce the Internet Safety 101SM: Empowering Parents program.
  • Florida Virtual Schools - Two state-wide Webinars were offered to community of parents and teachers.
  • Implemented Zoomerang technology for survey response and tracking.


EIE continues to seek the support of major donors, small donors, and events, grant development, corporate donors, underwriting from the Internet industry, and product development and sales. Through these efforts, EIE will be able to continue to fulfill its mission to Make the Internet Safer for Children and Families.