June 24, 2009

Safe Computing Town Hall Open House, Washington, DC (June 26)


The National Partnership for Safe Computing's

3rd Annual "Safe Computing Town Hall Open House"

Friday, June 26, 2009, 9:00 am - 12:00 pm

U.S. Capitol Building, Capitol Visitors Center Meeting Room South (CVC-217)

The National Partnership for Safe Computing (NPSC) encourages all Member offices to plan Online Safety and Cyber Security town hall meetings in your congressional district. As town hall season kicks off this August, the NPSC is making available to your district offices all the information and resources they will need to host a successful and educational town hall meeting on Cyber Security and Online Safety for constituents.

Just three weeks ago in his cyber security address President Obama noted that all Americans must play a role in securing our digital infrastructure by announcing the need for a "national public awareness and education campaign to promote cyber security." Come by Room CVC-217 on June 26 to learn how leading online safety and cyber-security organizations (including federal agencies, non-profit organizations, and technology companies) can assist in educating your constituents.

Educational outreach resources on safe computing will include information related to protecting children and teens online, computer security, and safeguarding personal information. This is our third annual educational open house event facilitated by the Congressional Internet Caucus Advisory Committee and the Federal Trade Commission. Honorary Co-Chairs Congresswoman Melissa Bean and Congressman Frank Wolf lead the NPSC by example.

At the open house you will have the opportunity to meet a veritable speakers bureau of knowledgeable experts available for your own town hall meeting. You can also review the constituent education resources and materials available and arrange to have those resources at your next meeting. The open house style of the event will allow for one-on-one interaction with safe computing experts.

Please RSVP to rsvp@netcaucus.org or contact Cat Matsuda at 202-638-4370 ext 319 for more information.

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