April 14, 2008

EIE to Join the Virginia PTA's Annual Leadership Training Conference in Richmond, VA (July 12)

EIE to Join the Virginia PTA's Annual Leadership Training Conference

On July 12 2008, EIE will join Internet Safety 101SM: Empowering Parents Program Partner Virginia PTA and Program Sponsor, Verizon at the annual Leadership Training Conference to announce the Virginia Launch of the Internet Safety 101SM: Empowering Patents Program, to occur during the fall of this year. This year the Workshops and events will be conducted over a two-day period in the Richmond area. The 2008 conference will be on July 11-12 and will be held at Deep Run High School, Glen Allen (in the Richmond District). Participants needing accommodations can stay in hotel rooms in the "Innsbrook" area of Glen Allen.

The Virginia PTA is the strongest group of volunteers in the state working exclusively on behalf of children and youth. Chartered by the National PTA in 1921, the primary goal of the Virginia PTA is to strengthen our family units, our schools and our communities through parent/family involvement. PTA recognizes parents as the first educators in the home and works to promote parents as partners in the school.

The Virginia PTA is geographically divided into twenty-one districts in six regions in over 1200 local units with an annual membership well over 358,000. Managed by an all volunteer Board of Managers elected by the membership, the VA PTA/PTSA is one of the largest Congresses of the 54 Congresses in the National PTA.

As one of fifty-four Congresses, the Virginia PTA is an integral part of the National PTA, serving as the liaison between the local unit and the National PTA, helping each to function effectively and to support and sustain the other.

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