August 3, 2011

EIE President Donna Rice Hughes on CNN International's Connect the World Regarding Online Pedophile Sting "Operation Delego"

Donna Rice Hughes, President of Enough Is Enough® appeared live on CNN International's Connect the World on August 3, 2011.

Donna spoke on the announcement by Attorney General Eric Holder and Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano of the prosection of 72 individuals who have been arrested as part of Operation Delego. The sting targeted almost 600 users of the online pedophile site Dreambard. 

"Dreamboard was a self-described global 'community' of pedophiles dedicated to the relentless victimization and exploitation o chldren 12 and under," said assistant Attorney General Larry Breuer. 

"The members of this criminal network shared a demented dream to create the preeminent online community for the promotion of child sexual exploitation," Holder said. "But for children they victimized, this was nothing short of a nightmare."

72 of the targeted 600 indiviuals from around the world are from the United States and of those 72, 52 have been arrested in the past year. 

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