We're lovin' how you've chosen to make you Wifi Hotspots Family-Friendly, and we wanted you to know you have our support.

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Mr. Steve Easterbrook
Chief Executive Officer
McDonald’s Corporation

Dear Mr. Easterbrook:

On behalf of concerned parents and families across the America, we want to thank you for stepping up as an industry leader in establishing a “P*rn-Free Wi-Fi” environment to filter access to harmful p*rn*graphy and child p*rn*graphy in the corporate-owned McDonald’s restaurants across the country as well as making the same service available to your franchisees. As you know, we at Enough Is Enough® were joined by 75 other family friendly organizations representing 50,000 petition signers that brought this issue to McDonald's attention, and we are thrilled with McDonald's rapid and proactive response. Furthermore, we are grateful that your company is leading the way in putting children and families first.

As a result of your demonstrative actions, parents can now rest easy knowing that their children are safer from the online harms noted above, as well as safer from potential sexual exploitation and predation, while dining in your establishments. McDonald’s is truly a family friendly restaurant!!

We are extremely proud to stand with you in this continuing fight to protect children and families online. Rest assured that we will be vigorously pursuing other U.S. companies to follow your lead in establishing P*rn-Free WiFi venues like McDonald's.  Thank You!